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Dr. Marina MANEA

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Centro de Geociencias, Campus UNAM, Juriquilla,
Boulevard Juriquilla, no. 3001
Juriquilla, Queretaro C.P. 76230
tel: (52-55)-5623-4116/ext. 138
fax: (52-55)-5623-4129

Research Interest

   My research interests are related with the interpretation of gravity and magnetic anomalies in order to understand tectonic problems related with subduction zones. Actually I used these anomalies to constrain the subduction zones geometry, to study the sediment accumulation at the deep oceanic trenches and to study the mantle wedge metamorphism (i.e serpentinization). Additionally, I am involved in studies related with flexural deformation of lithosphere at fracture zones, gravity anomalies and lithospheric flexure.
   I have an interest in modeling the deformations in the continental crust by means of numerical models. Taking into account a realistic rheology for crust and mantle, these models, together with the analogic models of deformation, can be used for a better understanding of process and parameters which control de orogenesis.
   Finally, one of my central scientific interests is represented by field measurements. Using GPS and tiltmeter measurements I have been studying for the last four years deformation processes related with subduction zones and plate boundaries. The main outcome from such investigations is the better understanding of the seismic cycle and plate boundary forces.
   In the area of computational geodynamics I have been working in the development of 2-D and 3-D numerical models of tectonic processes related with various subduction zones along the "Ring of Fire" (Mexico, Guatemala, Kamchatka and recently Chile). Another important part of my research is related with the volcanism caused by subduction. I have been studying the propagation of magma through a convective mantle wedge using numerical models. Such models give new constraints regarding the magma viscosity and temperature inside the mantle beneath volcanic arcs. Also, I study the ascent time of molten magma blobs through the mantle and the relation with the U-Th disequilibria.


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