What is ZMAP?

Artículo sobre ZMAP en el BOL-E del Centro de Geociencias

ZMAP is an interactive tool to investigate and visualize seismicity as a function of space and time.

ZMAP was mainly developed by Stefan Wiemer.
Ramón Zúñiga and other collaborators later helped adding some routines and features.

 The main goal was to improve the resolution of potential seismicity anomalies and to avoid the necessity of arbitrarily defining volumes for study, as well as to study the overall characteristics of earthquake catalogs. Although it evolved into a more general seismicity analysis package.

List of research articles in which ZMAP has been used

ZMAP is written in MATLAB, and is available for donwloading.

The following are examples of some of the interfaces the program employs to operate

For a complete description and more examples you can:

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